The Relocation (RELO) Advantage

The award-winning Relocation team at AveryHess is devoted to providing relocation assistance to those who move to and from the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. If you're thinking of packing up and leaving your home town/state or just making a move within the DC area, we are here to help! AveryHess Relocation is devoted to offering individualized attention to help you with your transition to a new area.


We are a leader in our local market and have earned affiliation with the global real estate network Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, providing exceptional service beyond our marketplace to form and nurture relationships across the globe since 2003. AveryHess, Realtors is also a member of WorldwideERC®. As a result, our relocation team benefits from some of the strongest referral business in the DC Metro area.

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AveryHess Relocation is the proud recipient of the Lexicon Supplier Excellence Platinum Award (2018) and the SIRVA (industry-leading global relocation provider 2016) awards.


Whether you are moving one employee locally or 1,000 employees internationally, AveryHess, Realtors®has ability to help. Our award-winning and certified industry professionals will be there for you Every Step of the Way. We offer a variety of personalized services to meet your needs, contact our relocation department at 703.266.5810 or simply sign up for an account in the top right corner to have us contact you for more information.

A few of the services offered include:
  •  Home Marketing/Sale Assistance
  •  Destination Services - Home Purchase or Rental
  •  Rental Assistance
  •  Area Tour
  •  Pre Decision / Group Move
  •  Inventory Management

U.S. Military on the Move

Custom image 3To say Thank You for you service to our country we'd like to offer a special benefit to you.
U.S. Military on the Move (MOM®) is a free real estate rebate and information program to allow you to earn cash back when you buy or sell a home (in states where allowed by law*). The MOM® rebate is based in the actual price not a range like other military-affiliated rebate programs and you'll receive your rebate a closing!

All active, former, retired military and wounded warriors are eligible.

To find out how we can help you, please contact our relocation department at 703.266.5810 or simply sign up for an account in the top right corner to have us contact you for more information.

*Rebates are not allowed in all states. In some states, a gift card or commission credit at closing may be provided in lieu of the Cash-Back bonus. You must be registered and be represented by the assigned agent real estate firm at closing to qualify. All real estate transactions are negotiable. Other terms and conditions may apply.


Residential Moving In

We're excited to have you become part of our community. Whether you are relocating due to business, coming back home or just on a journey, we are sure you are going to love it here.

At AveryHess we have the local market experts to make your move go smoothly. Our Relocation Team consists only of experienced agents who have taken relocation-specific training to understand the specific needs of someone moving to or from a different area. Our team consists of enthusiastic, hand-selected agents with specific knowledge of your chosen area. Many of our agents speak several different languages!

Residential Moving Out of the Area

We're sorry to see you leave but we also know how exciting it can be. Our affiliation with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® - an association of top tier global real estate brokerages allows us to connect you with the local market leaders in your destination area. This ensures you'll be working with an experienced, knowledgeable agent in your new location too!

Whether you need in-state, national or international relocation assistance, AveryHess is your best choice. Our brokerage has roots that go back almost 50 years! We are, and always have been locally-owned and operated. When you work with AveryHess, you get the benefit of a company that grew up right here in the D.C. area with strong ties to the area, and agents who know this area well!

If you are moving but not ready to sell your home, we also offer AveryHess Property Management services.

To find out how we can help you, please contact our relocation department at 703.266.5810 or simply sign up for an account in the top right corner to have us contact you for more information.

For Home Owners:

  •  Your House Size: 1000 SqFt vs. 10,000 SqFt makes a huge difference
  •  Should I Sell My Home or Rent it Out?
  •  Realtor® Fees
  •  Seller-Paid Inspections
  •  Buyer Inspections
  •  Buyer Repairs
  •  Recording Fees/Taxes
  •  Painting
  •  Window Treatments
  •  Cleaning Service

For Renters:

  •  Lease/Contract Termination Fee
  •  Lease Deposit for New Rental Home
  •  New Security Deposit

Other Deposits:

  •  New Utility Company Deposit

If Moving By Yourself:

  •  Packing Materials
  •  Rental Truck
  •  Storage Pods
  •  Gas and Tolls to Transport Your Car(s)

If Hiring Professionals, Get a Few Estimates on:

  •  Movers
  •  Packers
  •  Shipping Your Car(s)


  •  Airfare
  •  Rental Car/Taxi
  •  Hotel
  •  Food

Animal Care:

  •  Transport
  •  Kenneling

Other Costs to Consider:

  •  Temporary Housing

Property Management:

My Car(s). Should I:

  •  Ship
  •  Store
  •  Sell

Initial and Family Travel Costs:

  •  Passports and Visa Fees
  •  Duties and Import Fees (Customs)
  •  Airfare
  •  Rental Car/Taxi
  •  Hotel
  •  Food

Animal Care:

  •  Quarantine Costs
  •  Health Certifications
  •  Vaccines
  •  Kenneling

Other Costs to Consider:

  •  Temporary Housing
  •  Storage of Items Not Sent
  •  Local Registration Fees
  •  Banking
  •  Bills at Home
  •  Health Insurance
  •  Home Visits
  •  Taxes
  •  Education

*These represent just some of the costs you may encounter when moving. There could be more (or less) costs depending on your specific moving needs.


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